Shadowball Fitness Pack Sweepstake!

Shadowball packs physics into every punch - M.Franco (CNET)

Deadline for entry is March 5, 2016

Participate in our short survey and get a chance to win a Shadowball Fitness Pack OR as an option, if you have purchased a Shadowball during the period of the Sweepstake, we can issue you a refund of up to $200.  (US and Canada only)



Shadowball Leather + Hybrid Gel Gloves Fitness PackShadowball Leather + Hybrid Gel Gloves Fitness Pack.

Shadowball Leather

  • Black
  • Leather
  • 1.5 lbs

Shadowball Hybrid Gel Gloves

  • Black neoprene glove/wrap hybrid, with Gel padded knuckles
  • Long black stretchable wrap sewn to the palm of the glove
  • Velcro closing  
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