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Shadowball Boxing Tutorials: Part 1 Basic

They're finally here. The first installment of the much needed Shadowball boxing lessons are done and available in our new How-to page. While we have posted numerous Shadowball boxing videos, most of these videos demonstrates advanced Shadowball boxing moves. Even though Shadowball boxing is a relatively easy skill to acquire, we've observed that knowledge and proficiency on certain fundamental skills significantly speed up the learning progress. 

The Fundamentals:
Teaching fundamentals in any athletic activity are not only critical in maintaining consistency and establishing good habits, but also key to mastering the required skills.  Without basic skills, it’s hard to progress to more advanced moves. 

 shadowballboxing basics shadowballboxing basics 
Our Fundamentals will be divided into three parts: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Basic is subdivided into four-step process designed to gain proficiency in what we call the Rolling Uppercuts.    It all starts with the Rolling Uppercuts. Even after you’ve mastered the more advanced strikes like jabs, straights and elbows (which will be covered in our Intermediate lessons), this is the one skill you’ll keep coming back to.

Shadowball Boxing Basic 

Shadowball Boxing. Step 1: Two-hand upward throw and catch.
Shadowball Boxing. Step 2: One-hand upward throw and catch.
Shadowball Boxing. Step 3: Two-punch-catch (boom-boom-catch)
Shadowball Boxing. Step 4: Rolling Uppercuts 

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Coming soon…

Shadowball Boxing, Intermediate: Jabs, Straights and Hooks
Shadowball Boxing, Advanced: Knee Strikes and Defence

Hope this helps. Give us a shout out if you have any questions. Have fun!

~Team Shadowball

We've made it easy for you to help spread the Shadowball love to friends, family, co-workers...anyone you think would be interested. Thanks!!!

Shadowball boxing with Edwin “La Bomba” Rodrigues July 30, 2015 23:57

Met some awesome boxing talents at the 2015 Boxing Trade Show.  Had a chance to have Edwin “La Bomba” Rodrigues try out the Shadowball, and by the looks of it he had a great time. Super cool to have this gifted fighter try out our innovation. Thanks Edwin!

Just how good is he?

Edwin, alias “La Bomba”, hails from the Dominican Republic but makes Worcester, MA his home. He has a 27-1 record and an impressive KO% OF 64.29. This heavy-handed 30-year-old fights well to the body but can go upstairs in a timely fashion. He has faced some interesting opponents including Derrick Findley (first round stoppage), Craig Baker (3rd round TKO), Denis Grachev (first round stoppage), Darnell Boone (8 round UD), Will Rosinsky (10 round UD), James McGirt (TKO in 9), Aaron Pryor Jr, (UD in 10) and most recently and perhaps most notably, a blow out of undefeated Craig Baker on May 23, 2015 in Boston.” - Ted Sares

Shadowball Boxing Basic at the 2015 Boxing Trade Show July 27, 2015 23:45

Markus, proving just how fast one could actually learn Shadowball boxing if they would take the time to practice the basics. Great work Markus!

Best learning process we've observed at the show:

1. Up close (12 to 18 in) from the wall with short-light semi-uppercuts, with hands at chest-level and ball bouncing at face-level or slightly higher. Downhill skiing have the “snowplow” technique for beginners - this technique is our snowplow. It all starts here. 

2. When one can do this light bounce consistently, the next step is to slowly move back a few inches at a time while keeping the target height still at about face level or slightly higher. The brain makes all the necessary adjustments. The fact that you are trying to hit the same target height, your brain knows to punch with less upward angle and to hit the ball a little harder for the faster return needed to compensate for distance and gravity.  

3. We've noticed that when one insists on starting far and punching hard, they go into this loop where they can only bounce once or twice and drop, but not enough action for the brain to process and learn from. Just imagine a first-time downhill skier refusing to do the snowplow technique, he or she will just keep on crashing, getting hurt, humiliated with nothing for the brain to process - except the impression that the task at hand is impossible. Patience friends, patience...

Shadowball boxing, big hit at the 2015 Boxing Trade Show in Mississauga! July 27, 2015 22:39

Just wanna thank everyone who passed by our booth at the show to get some Shadowball boxing action. We've learned a lot from our direct interaction with first time Shadowball boxers, and it was great watching people experience first hand how much fun and addictive Shadowball boxing is.  From the looks of our exhausted participants, it proved to be an amazing and challenging workout too!

Congrats to Sandra Bozic of GDM for winning the Shadowball Fitness Pack draw. Looking forward to your vids showing off your Shadowball boxing skillz :)


Shadowball boxing at the 2015 Boxing Consumer Trade Show July 3, 2015 01:33

Shadowball -- boxing fitness for all

Stop by our booth to try out Shadowball and for a chance to win a Shadowball Fitness Pack ($180 MSRP) 

Specially priced Shadowballs will be available in limited quantities at the show. 

  • Shadowball Benefits Requires no installation 
  • Develops muscle strength and core stability Increases agility and accuracy 
  • Delivers a versatile, freestyle workout routine Improves your quality of training 
  • Provides training on the go Show 

Details: Date: Saturday, July 18, 2015 
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
Location: Hansa Haus Hall Address: 6650 Hurontario Street, Mississauga, Ontario L5M 2B5 
General Admission: $5 in advance (Dameon Okposio: $8 at the door

Shadowball online store now open! February 18, 2015 12:03

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